About us



My name is Avery Stumm. I'm a Michigan based photographer and avid bike rider of all types. I've always had an admiration for the trails we so graciously get to ride every day. When I thought about how much work goes into trail building it astounded me. I realized that while I wanted to help in supporting trails more in some way, I wasn't quite sure how. Trail maintenance days seem to bring smaller numbers. I noticed that people are intimidated a lot of times to attempt to work on trails, and these hard working foundations could always use a little more help with donations. 

I decided to start the Happy Trails co. Quite simply, we make awesome trail gear, and take portions of the profits to fund local trail projects, sponsor events, get community more involved, and hopefully educate people more on trail etiquette and usage. While we are a small grassroots operation, it's been a blast in just our first year to see the stoke all of our customers have for what we're doing. We have a lot to bring on the horizon and cannot wait to share upcoming projects with you.